The Farewell to Trivellato, the missionary doctor longing for Africa from “Il Mattino di Padova”

from: Il MATTINO DI PADOVA – 28 luglio 2018 

Practised as doctor in Ponte San Nicolò, he founded HelpZimbabwe.
He did pure water extractions wells, a maternity center and one for disabled children.

Cristina Salvato – Journalist

His big heart, beating so strongly for Africa, broke. Dr Trivellato Gabriele, aged 77 on 9th July 2018, died leaving a great sadness to wife Laura and daughter and son Silvia and Michele.
Relatives, friends and ex patients shared a moving ceremony in the Church of San Domenico in Selvazzano, parish though which he gathered donations for the humanitarian projects in Zimbabwe.

The health heart disease caused him to retire sooner from work so Dr Trivellato doctor in Ponte San Nicolò, decided to help people in other way. Since 1998 he has been operating through Help Zimbabwe and by selling his book “The Last Call” he built five pure water extractions wells, bought an ambulance, did a maternity home and one for disabled children, donated medicines for AIDS and kits of Vitamine PP in pediatric dosage to fight Pellagra from which poor people suffers as eating mostly flour.

“Despite doctors suggested him not to do, my father kept on going to Africa” tells the daughter Silvia “and came back weaker years after years, till his last trip last year in which illness caused him to return to Italy immediately after having landed in Zimbabwe. He loved Africa and always told he felt well only there. The Africa he met when young as hunter and then loved as benefactor. He was a free spirit, but also a brave man with great generosity”.

The spirit and breath of Africa can be felt also at the funeral. The Priest Don Luigi Bonetto remembered that he gave water to the ones who thirsted, he gave protein bars to the ones who were hungry to bear the fight famine.
“We were moved by the choice of two sweet African little altar girls who stayed near my father’s coffin during all the funeral” tells the daughter. And at the end of ceremony the church was filled with notes of the film soundtrack “Out of Africa”.

We thank:
Cristina Salvato, journalist of “Il mattino di Padova”
Don Luigi, Father Priest of San Domenico Church